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Secure Tools Is Now The Global Distributor For Rigrule®

What is Rigrule®?

Rigrule® is an essential tool for front line workers in the oil and gas industry, making measuring in inch fractions simple. 

Why do oil and gas professionals use Rigrule®?

Using inch fractions for accurate measurements is critical in the oil and gas industry and having a tool in a tally book that quickly and easily provides information is key. The specially designed ruler clearly shows inch fractions for use with O.D and I.D calipers. Industry standard formulas and conversions are etched onto the back for an instant reference guide. 

Rigrule® is easy to use and is 100% accurate. 

Who is Rigrule® for?

As the only product of its type currently available that is specifically designed for use in the oil and gas industry, Rigrule® is perfect for professionals working in the following areas:

  • Drilling Contractors
  • Oil and Gas
  • Engineering
  • Service Providers
  • Well Control Schools
  • Training Centres 

Is Rigrule® robust?

Yes, Rigrule® has a robust construction. Rigrule® is made of anti-corrosive and tempered stainless steel and it is extremely tough and durable. It is also lightweight and compact, weighing only 50 grams and fitting perfectly into the custom designed tally book.  

What are the benefits of Rigrule®?

While conventional rulers and tape measures only show dashes, Rigrule® is clearly marked with figures for accuracy. Fraction measurements such as 3 5/8” can be instantly identified with Rigrule®, saving you time and preventing errors. 

Rigrule® can be used for:

  • Measuring bottom hole assembly
  • Correctly converting nut and bolt sizes from imperial to metric
  • Checking tool sizes for specific tasks
  • Measuring drift sizes accurately

The Rigrule® tally book has been specially designed to provide safe storage of your Rigrule® and easy record keeping of measurements and calculations. There’s also a useful section for adding important names and contact details, so you know exactly where to find them.  

Rigrule® is a great educational tool

With an easy-to-use design, Rigrule® will teach junior level crew members how to work out correct measurements, formulas and conversions without difficulty. It provides a useful tool to help crew members learn on the job.  

Can Rigrule® be used safely at height?

Rigrule® will never be far from reach. A hole has been inserted at one end so that a lanyard can be attached for working around the rotary table or at height.  

Where can you buy Rigrule®?

Secure Tools Ltd is now the global distributor for Rigrule® and our team members will be happy to provide you with further information.

Rigrule® is available to purchase on the Secure Tools website. Click here for full details and pricing

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