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Tin Snips

In the realm of metalworking, tin snips, alternatively known as metal cutters, serve as specialized tools designed for shaping and resizing sheet metal as required. Possessing robust cutting capabilities, various models cater to specific gauge levels. Handle lengths vary depending on the snips' style, with longer handles and shorter blades favored for heavy-duty tasks, providing added leverage, while rubberized handles ensure a secure grip. Snips come in a variety of cutting styles, including straight, directional (left or right), and curved, typically crafted from drop-forged carbon steel to ensure both strength and longevity. Secure Tools offers an extensive range of metal cutters and tin snips from renowned brands.

Types of Tin Snips:

  1. Aviation Snips: Popular in the aviation industry, these snips feature dual pivot points and a spring-loaded mechanism. They come in three basic styles, color-coded for easy identification: red for left directional cuts, yellow for straight cuts, and green for right directional cuts.

  2. Tin Snips: Also available in various directional cuts, standard tin snips may not be color-coded universally, although some brands may opt for specific colors. They come in different forms, including straight cut, curved cut, duckbill, and bulldog.

  3. Nibblers: Utilized for finer metal cutting tasks, nibblers operate with precision as their blade moves along the kerf using a spring-loaded action. The key distinction between nibblers and tin snips lies in their cutting mechanism; nibblers employ a punching motion with a single blade, unlike the dual-bladed action of tin snips.


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