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A Guide to Handling COSHH Goods

If you transport fuel-powered equipment, tools or machinery; or need to move gases or chemicals as part of your job; the risk from a road traffic accident is potentially much higher than for other road users. If the goods you are carrying are dangerous, there is a risk of spillage that could result in fire, explosion, chemical burn or environmental damage. Read on for useful info.

Is your work site safe ?

Instant barrier systems to identify safe zones

Preventing Tool Theft From Vans

In the UK, a van is broken into every 23 minutes. Businesses and individuals across the country are losing huge amounts of money as sophisticated thieves target vans for the tools inside. Read on to find out what you can do to help prevent tool theft from vans.

Armorgard powered drum handling

The powered handling range introduces the EK4D. Getting your drums where you need them now requires minimal effort: it’s the ultimate solution

armorgard t-kart

Looking for a safer and easier way of moving heavy transformers around site? Designed and certified to carry transformers up to 200kg, you can now safely reduce the manpower required and increase efficiencies

Cleaning and Hygiene in Dairy Farming

Basic equipment consisting of a high-pressure cleaner, sweeper and wet and dry vacuum cleaner can be used flexibly, and comprehensively covers nearly all cleaning requirements in dairy farming. Read on to learn more.

Cleaning with Scrubber-Driers in Hospitals

Anyone entering a building usually decides straightaway whether they feel comfortable in it. The factor that influences this first impression most is whether the surroundings radiate a feeling of cleanliness or neglect. This applies to public buildings such as schools, town halls and swimming pools in general, and particularly to hospitals. Read on for tips on choosing a scrubber-drier machine.

Preventative Cleaning in Hotels and Guest Houses

Preventative cleaning is growing in importance in many areas of industry, trade and the service sector. Read on for more info specifically related to cleaning of hotels and guest houses and the machines that are designed for this.

Secure Tools Working In Partnership With Karcher

Summer is here, so this is the ideal time for us to be working in partnership with Karcher – the highly-respected brand of quality cleaning solutions, known particularly for their bright yellow and black pressure washers, window vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners. Read on for more information...

Counterfeit nets

The danger of inadvertently using counterfeit safety products goes beyond product failure, the cost of both time and money, as well as potential injury or loss of life. Genuine high quality nets will be made from top-grade 316 stainless steel, and have a substantial service life, backed by Secure SRS company warranty; our nets are designed and tested to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as corrosive chemicals, extreme temperatures, and UV exposure
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