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New Portable tethered tool kits for Archer

Read this content for the details of these tethered tool kits, look fabulous, aids safety saves lives.

5 Common Screwdrivers

If you’re new to DIY, you might feel overwhelmed by the huge choice of screwdrivers available. Please read on if you'd like to know about 5 common types of screwdrivers.

NEW Website Search Facility

We’re excited to announce the launch our new website search facility. Read more about what’s new and how this will benefit you…

3 Good Reasons To Engrave Your Tools

If you’ve invested your hard-earned cash on a nice new set of tools, or if someone else has treated you to them, it’s a very good idea to get them engraved. Read on for 3 good reasons...

6 Popular Types of Hammer

If you’re new to DIY or you’re about to become an apprentice or start a new job involving the use of hand tools, you might feel overwhelmed by the huge choice of hammers available. Read on for info about 6 popular types of hammer.

Use of Technology For Cleaning Floors in Hotels

The cost of cleaning floors in hotels is often underestimated. An effective way of reducing costs is to employ modern cleaning technology. This can save more than 50% of personnel costs in some areas. Read more...

The Advantages of Scrubber Dryer Use in Hospitals

Good hygiene and cleanliness are important in all buildings, but perhaps most of all in hospitals and care facilities. Germs can be rampant in hospitals, with sick people entering and leaving the facility on a frequent basis. Due to this, areas must be cleaned regularly in order to reduce the spread of sickness between both patients and staff.

A Guide to Handling COSHH Goods

If you transport fuel-powered equipment, tools or machinery; or need to move gases or chemicals as part of your job; the risk from a road traffic accident is potentially much higher than for other road users. If the goods you are carrying are dangerous, there is a risk of spillage that could result in fire, explosion, chemical burn or environmental damage. Read on for useful info.

Is your work site safe ?

Instant barrier systems to identify safe zones

Preventing Tool Theft From Vans

In the UK, a van is broken into every 23 minutes. Businesses and individuals across the country are losing huge amounts of money as sophisticated thieves target vans for the tools inside. Read on to find out what you can do to help prevent tool theft from vans.
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