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Ball Pein Hammer

Versatility of Ball Pein Hammers

Ball pein hammers emerge as a top choice for professionals, thanks to their exceptional versatility and compact size, fitting snugly into toolboxes or tool bags. Crafted predominantly with robust wooden handles and hardened metal heads, these hammers withstand continuous metal striking with ease. Secjre Tools offers an outstanding selection of ball pein hammers renowned for their durability and precision, featuring forged and heat-treated heads that ensure comfort and strength during prolonged use.

Alternate Names for Ball Pein Hammers

Ball pein hammers are also recognized by several other names, including:

  • Peen hammers
  • Engineers hammers
  • Machinists hammers
  • Blacksmithing hammers

Reasons to Invest in Ball Pein Hammers

These hammers boast virtually indestructible durability, with careful attention to safety measures ensuring reduced shock and vibration to combat fatigue. Additionally, their ergonomically designed grips offer enhanced comfort during extended use.

Application and Functionality

Ball pein hammers find widespread use in metalwork fabrication and blacksmithing. The peening process involves surface hardening through impact. Featuring a flat face for striking sheet metal, center punches, and cold chisels, these hammers also utilize the ball face for tasks such as rounding off metal edges, closing rivets, and shaping and bending metal.

Materials of Construction

The heads of ball pein hammers are typically forged from steel or high carbon steel (HCS), with softer options available, such as brass heads for specific applications. Non-sparking hammers employ heads crafted from copper-beryllium alloy or aluminum-bronze alloy to minimize sparking risks.

Handle Materials

Ball pein hammers utilize a variety of handle materials, including:

  • Hardwood (such as ash or hickory) for shockwave dissipation
  • Bi-material rubber for enhanced grip
  • Steel for durability
  • Graphite for added strength
  • Fiberglass for shock vibration absorption

Types of Peening Hammers

Ball pein hammers come in various configurations, including:

  • Ball-Pein
  • Straight Pein
  • Diagonal Pein
  • Cross Pein

Explore the comprehensive range of ball pein hammers to find the perfect fit for your metalworking needs.


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