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Adjustable Wrenches


Wrenches stand as the most ubiquitous hand tool found in any toolkit or toolbox. Leveraging their mechanical advantage, they assist users in applying torque to rotary fasteners, such as nuts and bolts, for tightening or loosening purposes.

Available in diverse shapes and sizes, with varying handle lengths and jaw capacities, wrenches are tailored to suit different applications and needs. Our curated selection of wrenches ensures high-quality hand tools to meet your requirements, featuring leading brands like Bahco, Ega-Master, Facom, Irwin, Knipex, CK, Crescent, Gedore, Sibille and Teng Tools

From engineers to DIY enthusiasts, we offer solutions for all. At Secure Tools, we stock a comprehensive range of popular wrenches, including adjustable spanners, strap wrenches, and pipe wrenches.

Determining the Right Wrench Type With numerous wrench types available, selecting the ideal one depends on the specific requirements of your project. Our range includes socket wrenches, torque wrenches, cross wrenches, and breaker bars, but three main types of standard wrenches feature prominently:

  1. Adjustable Wrench: This widely used wrench type features jaws typically set at a 15-degree angle relative to the tool's handle, ensuring effectiveness in confined spaces. With adjustable jaw capacity, it eliminates the need for multiple tools of specific sizes, making it a space-saving addition to your toolkit.

  2. Pipe Wrench: Equipped with hardened, serrated jaws and self-tightening properties, pipe wrenches provide a secure grip on materials like soft iron pipes and fittings, ideal for tighter, harder-to-turn fasteners where standard wrenches fall short.

  3. Strap Wrench: Utilizing a chain or strap instead of an adjustable jaw, strap wrenches offer a secure grip on various fasteners. Suitable for situations where pipe wrenches struggle to maintain grip, they are commonly used in automotive oil filter removal and other challenging scenarios.

Typical Applications Thanks to their versatility, ease of use, and essential nature as hand tools, wrenches find application across a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Plumbing work
  • Automotive repair and maintenance
  • Engineering projects
  • Construction tasks
  • DIY projects.
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