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Preventative Cleaning in Hotels and Guest Houses

Preventative cleaning is growing in importance in many areas of industry, trade and the service sector. As an important part of the PDIR process (Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative cleaning) in hotels and guest houses, removing dirt from outside areas prevents the dirt from getting inside the building in the first place. When employed regularly, preventative cleaning can reduce daily cleaning costs significantly and ensure the value retention of the building.


Cleaning in Hotel Reception Areas

Dust, soil, sand and other dirt particles stick to shoes when walking outdoors. When people then enter the building, these dirt particles end up on carpets and wooden and stone flooring, spreading quickly across large areas. The floor in the reception and lobby area of hotels must therefore be vacuumed and mopped several times a day to preserve the hotel's well cared for appearance. This can create high costs and is usually labour intensive. Cleaning work also inconveniences guests.

Preventative cleaning is recommended in reception and lobby areas to ensure cleanliness over an extended period without inconveniencing guests. The concept starts with the outside areas of the hotel: By thoroughly sweeping or washing the areas outside the building, the amount of dirt that gets brought inside can be reduced by up to 66%. As well as the pavement and parts of the street directly in front of the entrance, other areas to consider are car parks, publicly accessible areas, delivery entrances, bars and restaurants. Outside areas such as terraces and balconies should also be considered. These are also areas where lots of dirt collects that can be carried into corridors, stairwells and guestrooms.


Types of Cleaning Machines for Hotels

The concept of preventative cleaning pays off very quickly, as keeping exterior surfaces clean is much quicker and requires less work than cleaning the rooms themselves, since sweepers and high-pressure cleaners can be used. The choice of sweeper, and therefore cleaning efficiency, depends on the surface area that has to be cleaned. Nowadays there are many types of sweeper: Sweepers with a motor (traction drive, suction, brush roller drive) and machines that are pushed by the operator. There are also hybrid machines that have electrically driven rollers and side brushes but no traction drive. Walk-behind sweepers are recommended for areas up to 600m2, whilst electrically or fuel-driven sweepers should be used for areas larger than this. Sit-on sweeper vacuums are recommended for large areas of 1000m2 or more. High-pressure cleaning is required when stubborn dirt such as tar, chewing gum, bird droppings or food remains must be removed.

A dirt catching system tailored to the individual area is also part of preventative cleaning: Mats should be distributed liberally both inside and outside door areas. These remove dirt from shoes and prevent it from being carried further. Abrasive mats with bristles are recommended for outdoor use, as these can even clean shoes with a deep tread such as walking boots. The interior mats can be softer and finer to remove any remains of dirt and moisture.

If dirt should enter the building despite these measures, spot-cleaning can be employed. Even during busy hours, small areas of dirt or moisture can be dealt with using a cordless electric broom or mop so that they don't get brought further into the building.


Preventative Cleaning in Outside Areas

Use of preventative cleaning in outside areas varies according to the time of year and weather conditions and must be adapted accordingly. Sweeping several times a day can be necessary, particularly in autumn and winter. The extra effort does pay off, however, since inside areas need cleaning much less frequently and cleaning agents are often not necessary.

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