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Preventing Tool Theft From Vans

In the UK, a van is broken into every 23 minutes. Businesses and individuals across the country are losing huge amounts of money as sophisticated thieves target vans for the tools inside. Tool theft has been around for decades, but in recent years the scale of the theft from tradesmen and business owners has reached epidemic proportions, increasing by as much as 40% since 2016. The cost of tool theft can be devastatingly expensive for tradesmen. Tools will need to be replaced whilst income could be at a complete standstill. Contracts could be lost, and customer relationships may need to be repaired. 


What you can do to prevent tool theft:

  • Lock your van, and close the windows
  • Park your van tightly in a corner to block access to the rear and side doors
  • Park your van in a bright, well-lit area
  • Install CCTV
  • Use van stickers
  • If possible, remove the most expensive tools overnight
  • Advertise a security system – even if you haven’t got one!
  • Install alarms
  • Keep receipts, pictures and an inventory of your cargo and tools
  • Mark tools with a UV pen
  • Use van lock protection plates (These are plates that cover the area around the lock with an additional layer of reinforcement, making locks harder to break or pick.)
  • Purchase a tough van box
  • Get insurance 

Equipment That Can Help Prevent Tool Theft From Vans

To store tools and help prevent tool theft from vans and work sites, look for ultra-strong safes, steel drawers and cabinets – maybe with removable partitions. Premium brands have a host of innovative features on their storage products that all add to security.

Secure Tools provides tough storage solutions that will help to prevent tool theft. See the range and features and benefits here: Storage To Help Prevent Tool Theft


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