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The Advantages of Scrubber Dryer Use in Hospitals

Good hygiene and cleanliness are important in all buildings, but perhaps most of all in hospitals and care facilities. Germs can be rampant in hospitals, with sick people entering and leaving the facility on a frequent basis. Due to this, areas must be cleaned regularly in order to reduce the spread of sickness between both patients and staff.

Unbeknownst to many, cleaning accounts for a significant amount of hospital overheads. This is likely to increase in coming times due to inflation. Plus, with the growing trend of smaller hospitals being combined to form one large space, hospital workers are having to spend even more time and money cleaning larger areas. In order to keep overhead costs as low as possible, it is highly recommended that hospitals invest in high quality, effective and powerful cleaning systems such as scrubber dryers.

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What is a scrubber dryer and how does it work?

A scrubber dryer is a motorised cleaning machine which is designed to combine air flow and vacuum suction, providing similar yet more effective cleaning capabilities to a mop and bucket. Enabling powerful brush pressure with a mix of detergent and water in the solution tank, electric floor scrubbers can provide a highly impactful clean to most floors and surfaces. The electric rotation of the scrubber dryer machine’s brushes replicates the action of a scrubbing brush, but provides a more thorough clean to remove stubborn dirt from floors and surfaces. 

The floor scrubber dryer comes equipped with a squeegee which immediately collects the liquid washing solution from the surface and sends it straight into the built-in dirty water tank. This means that the floors can be immediately walked on, helping to prevent any inconvenience to those trying to walk by and reducing the risk of accidents.

Electric floor scrubbers perform three main functions in a single operation:

  • Uniform distribution of the washing mixture solution
  • Dirt and soil removal using disc or roller brushes
  • Cleaning solution recovery

There are many floor scrubber dryer brands available on the market, one of the most popular being Karcher scrubber dryer machines

What are the advantages of scrubber dryers in hospitals?

Scrubber dryers are suitable for a range of different spaces. However, they have been identified as a particularly useful solution for hospitals and other caring facilities. Scrubber dryers can be used in hospital areas such as corridors, seating areas, halls, kitchens, bathrooms, entrances and exits.

There are plenty of advantages of using scrubber dryers in hospitals. These include:

  • Provides a more thorough, powerful clean – The motorised scrubbing brushes can help to get rid of stubborn dirt, marks and stains.
  • Helps to stop the spread of germs – Germs can be easily transmitted in hospitals. However, regular cleaning with a scrubber dryer machine can help to get rid of germs and bacteria before they spread.
  • Makes cleaning simpler and faster – Using an electric floor scrubber requires less labour than manual scrubbing and mopping, making the process more convenient and easy to perform. The fact that the scrubber dryer floor cleaning machine can also remove dirty cleaning water from the floor also helps to make cleaning faster.
  • Improved cleanliness can make areas more comfortable for visitors – Patients and visitors will feel more comfortable and at ease in a safe and clean environment.
  • Creates a good impression on visitors with cleaner, more welcoming appearance – An untidy hospital environment can create a bad impression on patients and visitors. You can boost and maintain the hospital’s reputation by keeping all areas clean.
  • Electric floor scrubbers can be more economical – Machines such as Karcher scrubber dryer units are designed to be highly energy-efficient, helping to reduce energy wastage and cut costs. Additionally, by enabling a more thorough clean, a scrubber dryer machine can help to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Can also be used for deep cleaning and polishing – Not only can you get rid of dirt and marks with a scrubber dryer floor cleaning machine, but you can also give hospital floors a deep clean and polish.
  • Different machine settings can help with noise reduction – Modern scrubber dryers can emit low levels of noise to keep disruption to a minimum within hospital spaces. For example, many Karcher scrubber dryer machines allow users to lower the fan output to reduce the noise level. 

What to consider when buying a scrubber dryer 

In order to ensure that you purchase a suitable scrubber dryer for your hospital, there are a few factors that you’ll need to consider. These include:

  • Select a suitable size – You should ensure that the floor scrubber dryer you purchase is a suitable size to meet the hospital’s needs. It is recommended that you select a scrubber dryer machine that is large enough to clean the surface area effectively, whilst being able to be easily manoeuvred by the end user. 
  • Be conscious of noise levels – Hospitals should be as calm and peaceful as possible to allow patients to relax and recover from their illnesses. Take care to choose a floor dryer machine that emits a low level of noise. Lowering the scrubber dryer machine’s brush RPM and fan output can help to reduce noise.
  • Ergonomics – To promote staff safety and wellbeing, ensure that the scrubber dryer machine that you purchase allows the end user to conduct the job safely and comfortably.
  • Budget – Finally, you should try to find a cost-effective deal for your hospital’s new scrubber dryer. Ensure that the scrubber dryer machine you choose is in line with the facility’s budget. Secure Tools’s offer a range of affordable Karcher scrubber dryer machines. Take a look at our Karcher scrubber dryer collection here.

Visit Secure Tools to find out more about our Karcher scrubber dryer range, as well as the rest of our energy efficient tools and equipment. Contact our expert team today on  +44 (0)1274 308961 for more information.

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