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Unior Strong reversible ratchet 1/2" 627200

PART NUMBER : 627200
EAN : 3838909272009
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Unior Strong reversible ratchet 1/2" 627200

Strong reversible ratchet 1/2"

Product features

  • The ratchet is exceptionally strong and virtually impossible to break using only human strength. Regardless whether we use it for tightening or loosening bolts or nuts. The ratchet can withstand torque over 700 Nm. This is achieved with a durable mechanism with only 24 teeth and a long lever. Ratchet is used for loosening and tightening different sizes of bolts and nuts. Due to its durability, it can be easily used to loosen overtightened or rusted bolts such as wheel bolts.


  • material: premium flex chrome vanadium steel
  • body drop forged
  • surface finish: chrome plated to standard ISO 1456:2009


  • high durability
  • long lever, 465 mm
  • 24 - teeth
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